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Red Solstice- Cactus Leather Crossbody & Shoulder Bag


Solstice shoulder bag and crossbody strap

You're new favorite daily go-to crossbody and shoulder bag!  Made from PETA-certified organic cactus leather that's durable and easy to clean. Designed to fit all your daily necessities but small enough to keep you from carrying too many unnecessary things. It’s made to fit your stylish and ethical lifestyle.

The solstice bag comes with two straps, one shoulder strap covered in beautiful one-of-a-kind artisanal beading, and a long adjustable crossbody strap. 

The interior: 

The interior is lined with 100% organic cotton, in our signature color, Terracotta Clay.

The bag includes one interior zipper pocket for additional storage and four metal feet on the bottom to allow the bag to stand on its own.

Dimensions of the bag: 

21 cm length (9 inches) 

25.5 cm width (10 inches) 

4 cm thickness (3.2 in ) 

Dimensions of the shoulder strap: 

61 cm Length (2 ft from hook to hook) 

6.3 cm Width (2.5 inches) 

Dimensions of the crossbody strap: 

1.2 meters long (44 inches from hook to hook) 

2.5 cm Width (1 inch) 

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