Agnes Baddoo

Belt Sac Bag


Our BELT SAC + SAC .5, The Crossbody will now be lined with military grade, copper filament, FARADAY fabric to provide electro-magnetic/radio frequency protection from cell phone emissions. It is convenient to keep our cell phones accessible in the back slot pocket, resting close to our body. FARADAY fabric claims to offer EMF shielding between our body and radio frequencies emitted from cell phones. Limiting EMF exposure is definitely something that interests me, so, couldn’t hurt to give it a try!

BELT SAC is a small leather Clutch and/or convertible Belt Sac that fits inside all size sacs. For use as a clutch or hands free as a belt sac or bandolier; comes with matching, detachable, self fastening belt and Faraday lining for EMF protection. Perfect travel bag.

Select from the dropdown menu: Natural Veggie Tan, White Italian Leather, Black Leather, Navy leather, Whiskey Leather,

7” W x 4-1/4” H
BELT strap length: 51 inches

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