The Fearsome Crop Top

We've all seen them and wondered where is the rest of this top? Im here to tell you that the cropped top is nothing to be afraid of. High waisted jeans are here to stay and the the tops are cropped perfectly to highlight your natural waist. High waisted jeans show your curves while elongating the look of your leg. Who doesn't want that?! Now you need the top to go with your new high waisted look! You can choose from a variety of different lengths depending on what you are comfortable with.

  • To show off that waist even more do a crop that lands above the top of your jean.
  • To show no skin get a length that hits slightly below the jeans button so you can tuck it in for a casual relaxed vibe.

The Square Crop Top

Moving On Crop Shirt

Play around and see what makes you feel most confident! We have the full array of choices for you to pick from and are here to help you style them!



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